Sun-kissed Blog

sun-kissed woman in only thong from behind image tanned
Just a few years of using tanning beds and spending hours in the sun every summer caused irreversible damage to my skin. 
I hope that I am able to save lives by educating people of the dangers of tanning beds and the real sun. Hopefully I get young people addicted to Sun-kissed Spray Tanning rather then going to deadly tanning beds or sun-tanning all day.

One Sun-kissed session takes 15 minutes every 7-10 days, in comparison, using tanning beds will take many many visits just to get a basic tan, plus countless appointment schedulings, gas and time, but worse yet, in addition to all that, it might just kill you.

Smart girls fake it with sunless products, not deadly UV rays. Let me get you bronzed in 15 min and your skin will thank you for it for the rest of your life.
One hour a month spend getting Sun-kissed will keep you looking sexy, healthy and radiant all year.