Tour de Tan


If you are looking for spray tan training, and are serious about a career in the Sunless industry, proper training is key. I am a trained & certified master spray tanner. The spray tanning technique is only a small part of becoming a spray tan artist. Many have been trained on the technique all over the world, by classes offered that focus only on how to apply a spray tan, but end up closing their doors within their 1st year.
I am the only certified trained & certified service in the 805 and run the most thriving spray tan business, gaining an average of 15-20 new clients weekly.
A quick look at Yelp, or a google search, when looking for spray tanners in the 805, will either show you businesses without a yelp account, or a serious lack of reviews, always a bad sign for a business that’s been around for years, or a mixture of good and bad reviews, which shows a lack of proper training and knowledge, which provides inconsistent results & negative reviews.
1st impressions are lasting impressions and only happy clients will refer and review you to help you grow your business.
Lack of any training, or lack of proper training, will result in mistakes made, which will results in clients warning their friends NOT to go to you. Changing business names and locations because of a negative reputation is not a wise option unless you reside in a large city. Do it right from the start, build a trusted brand, thrive and grow.
Spray tanning requires more than just a specific application of a Sunless product, it requires knowledge of how to run and market a business properly. If you are already a Beauty Business Boss (BBB) my training will mainly be focused on spray tanning techniques, solutions, equipment, client prep and maintenance, skin issues and allergies, pregnant clients, male clients, skin tones and undertones.........and bridal tans.
I would never recommend a skype/online training course, hands on is the only way to master the skill and gain confidence.
Once you have 9-12 months of tanning under your belt you will also gain access to my exclusive ‘Spray Tans for Experts Only’ Facebook group. Access requires a minimum of 9 months of spray tanning experience. Members are from all offer the world sharing their expertise, new products world wide, tips, tricks, troubleshooting and so much more.

Tour de Tan offers you something no other airbrush training course offers. 
In this one day course, the main focus is primarily on running a successful spray tanning business. The spray tanning technique is not the most important aspect of a new spray tanner, that’s the easier part. No, it really is. You could be the best spray tanner ever, but if you lack the knowledge of how to run a spray tanning business, your phone will rarely ring. Tan a few clients orange and it will never ring again.

Most new tanning businesses will fail within the 1-2 years, not because of bad tans, that’s just a small part of it if you did not receive proper training, but because of lacking the necessary skills to know how to run a new spray tan business, that is the real killer.

Tour de Tan is recommended for individuals who have either never spray tanned, want to add on spray tanning to their existing service, or are new to the industry but have yet to gain the confidence, and knowledge, of how to move forward in their business. You will not only learn about different brands of solution, equipment, proper technique, costs, and producing consistent, flawless airbrush tans, that’s a given. You will learn about marketing and promoting your new business, networking, understanding Yelp, Google, website SEO, dealing with the perceived ‘competition’, how to become exclusive, pricing your service, add-ons, upsales, social media, liability insurance, legal forms and operations. You will learn about website building, scheduling, records keeping, apps to make your life easier & to track reporting, expenses, profit, business analytics and to stay organized; in addition, we will cover how to handle ‘no-shows’, dealing with tan related client issues, interviewing new clients, proper prep instructions and maintenance, including products to make their tans last & fade smoothly and so much more.

                                  A bit overwhelming isn’t it? That’s why you can’t afford not to take the Tour de Tan course.
Knowledge = Success

Tour de Tan Training 
You will receive in 2 day program:
Sample Client Waivers
Full list of links for apps, insurance, website building, top solution manufacturers, wholesale product retail links and more.

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​2 Full Days (8hrs each) Course
$900 Deposit (non-refundable)
One-on-One Training

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Already a BBB? (Beauty Business Boss)

1 Day (8hrs) Course
$250  Deposit on both (non-refundable)

On-going Support 
You will have access to me 7 days a week to answer any questions, so you are never on your own for the first 12 months after training.

Why Small Businesses Fail

Failure to Advertise and ​​Market
An adage says, “When business is good, it pays to advertise; when business is bad, you have to advertise.”
Many companies go out of business purely because the owner failed to promote and market. The “if you build it, they will come” mentality doesn’t work in an age when consumers can choose from among a multiplicity of options. You have to get your message seen and heard.
While traditional methods of advertising are still useful, one of the best ways to market your business is with a website. Even in 2016, nearly half (46 percent) of all small businesses do not have one, according to a report from the research firm Clutch. So just by creating a site, which you can do using any number of self-service platforms, you put yourself ahead of many of your competitors.
While you’re at it, set up profiles on social networks where your customers gather. Also, start an email newsletter and advertise on Google and Facebook — both of which are inexpensive ways to build a presence online.

Underestimating the Competition
A final reason worth mentioning for why companies go out of business is underestimating the competition.
Even if you have a sound business model, plenty of funds to operate and the necessary management skills to be successful, you still face one daunting challenge: the competition.
You may be a David surrounded by several Goliaths.
Also, you have to consider disruptive startups who may be building a better, cheaper, faster, more convenient, higher-quality mousetrap.
To increase your chance of success, conduct a competitive analysis as part of your overall market analysis. Assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and implement strategies to improve your competitive advantage.